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Ocean Asian Spa – Services

Pick from our list of best Spa services to enjoy peace, serenity and relaxation. We help you develop a healthy lifestyle!

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the best known type of massage for many reasons. This bodywork works effective in relaxing your entire body; Swedish massage techniques are proven to improve blood circulation, muscle relaxation and offers numerous health benefits. For people who are overly stressed and looking for ways to relax themselves, Swedish massage is the best choice.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage has therapeutic effects that heals your body muscles, tissues and joints. It involves massaging the deeper layers of muscles and fascia, and is proven to be the best treatment option for musculoskeletal problems and chronic pain. Deep tissue massage is done in such a way that the therapists use firm and slow finger pressure to sweep the pain away.

Japanese Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a traditional form of therapeutic massage that has been in practice from the ancient times. The word Shiatsu means finger pressure, and it involves applying pressure with hands, elbows, thumbs and feet to the certain body points for treating pain. Shiatsu massage helps remove energy blockages and heals your body by providing complete relief.

Best Asian Massage In Boronda, CA

Choose from our good range of quality massage packages! We help you experience affordable luxury in a beautiful environment.